My work and expertise

My skills and work cover print and new media. Be it four colour process, spot colour print or pixels and code for the web, I’ve done the lot. Here’s an overview of my main areas of  expertise.


My first ever job was packaging artwork, and since then I done years of work in the field. From working with designers to bring the initial proposed ideas to life, to the final artwork. I have worked on projects for many  leading FMCG brands. I have an in-depth appreciation of the different print processes and what they can achieve, and if its spot colours in Photoshop that you need, then I’ve done that.

Reports and brochures

Long documents, master pages, proper style sheets, all those boxes are ticked.
If it's graphs and diagrams you need then I’ve done plenty of them. I am a stickler for doing it properly so that everything makes sense and creating version 2 next time is a breeze. I’ve done them all, from sales brochures to corporate accounts, marketing materials and catalogues. Structure and discipline is a must, but also bringing creativity to the job, on what might be a dull subject is a nice challenge.

Interactive PDFs / PowerPoint

If you want the interactivity than a printed job can never achieve, then  interactive PDFs are just the job. Navigation buttons, embedded movies and hyperlinks that open up more information on the web are all things that a PDF can provide. And if you want to make a change its not a new print run, just upload another file. I’ve done dozens of these and have overcome all the many quirks and obstacles that they can sometimes throw up, I’ve got my interactive technique down to a tee. While not my favourite program of all time I can also create PowerPoint presentations.

Point of Sale

From big brand consumer food to power tools, from posters and banners to shelf strips and wobblers I have been creating POS designs and artwork for years. From initial mock up visuals to the final print artwork and one off pieces to a whole range of promotional material.


Always a challenge, because they are just like web pages, only the ubiquitous  Microsoft Outlook insists that you create them using the web know-how you used 15 years ago. I’ve created dozens of them and faced the challenge of getting the design to play well with Outlook’s many deficiencies and quirks. Added to that is the need to make emails responsive across devices.


From mocking up websites to creating full web pages and layouts for database driven sites. It’s a constant learning process and one where my skills are constantly growing. I am no programmer, but from setting up the CSS to layout a site, to tweaking javascript - I’m not a web pro but have plenty of experience creating website layouts and getting them built and tested. While working for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I created page and site designs for their CMS system, creating the desktop design and then working with the front end team to create responsive web pages.


There’s one thing I love more than anything else and that’s creating visuals. Creating something that is more than the sum of its parts is a shear joy. A bit of Illustrator, with the added spice of Photoshop is just like cooking, but is a visual recipe like a new dish you just invented, where everything goes just right. Helping to bring a designers ideas to life is, well, my life blood. It really stretches your creative skills and creates something you can finally press the save button and be proud of the result.


I just love Photoshop and could just spend all day with it. If its just a simple retouching job or a full on effort to create something that simply does not exists then I am right on it. Bringing a dull photo to life, altering the colour of a product or creating a visual from scratch, I just love a demanding Photoshop job.