Map of the journeys of  Marco Polo

Infographics maps created for The History of English Podcast.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, I actually did a degree in information design and I did A level history.

So when I began The History of English Podcast, I got in contact with the author, Kevin Stroud, and offered my services, as he mentioned links to maps on his podcast website. This work is done for free, after all, the author is putting in his time for free, and I just wanted to create beautiful information maps for his podcast.

It’s a labour of love, and I am just including it here to show that I can do information graphics, and there is a use for reading history after all. The base terrain maps are from – an open source project, so no rights issues. A thank you to them for providing the source images for the podcast maps.

History map - Expansion of the Roman republic

Map - Britain during the Viking era